Support still needed--and new media streams!

Support still needed

I'm still in awe of the great response for our fundraising appeal in January. Thank you all! I'm using the equipment you all helped purchase every day. But there are still expenses, of course. Some of the generous people who signed up for recurring monthly donations have canceled lastly (they all still like the site, life just happened and they need to hold on to a little of their funds).

But that means I need more regular support. Monthly costs come out to around $150 ($25 web hosting, $80 communication, $40 monthly services). There are always incidental expenses. For example, this summer saw the end of the free Google Reader service, which has been an essential tool for keeping up with 120-plus blogs every day; the best replacement is Feedly Pro, which costs $45 per year. I've been paying a lot of my pocket for the last few months. That's not sustainable, given that I have four kids and nonprofit job (a wonderful job, but I'd like help keeping this QuakerQuaker hobby going).

Please consider giving what you can as a one-time gift or (if you can) sign up for monthly support. Every bit helps toward the expenses!

New on QQ's Media Streams

QuakerQuaker's not your typical online magazine. One of the most unusual features of the site is that it exists mostly to send you off to other sites. I could set things up differently but I'd prefer to help fresh Quaker thinkers carve an identity. Visitors come directly to their site, and they get to host the most lively comment streams.

One result of this is that subtle changes to QuakerQuaker's mix of media are easy to overlook. One new practice is seeing results on Facebook and Twitter. We're collecting interesting tweets and links from all over and reposting them to these forum. A lot of these are fascinating links that don't quite fit the mold of QuakerQuaker's Editor Picks. With this practice QuakerQuaker can help publicize even more of the Quaker conversation--and of course, send traffic elsewhere, but that's fine. Check out these new shares on our and

Are there more ways you'd like to see us knit together interesting conversations across the web? Drop me a line and I'll certainly consider it!

In Friendship,
Martin Kelley
QuakerQuaker Founder

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Comment by Susan Jeffers on 10th mo. 22, 2013 at 5:52am

Thanks for the reminder to donate -- I just sent a contribution. 

I've been quite ill the past 6 months to a year, and can spend very little time online or doing email -- but I have recently discovered podcasts and audio download, which I load up on an mp3 player and listen-listen-listen while I rest and snooze.  Any chance of adding an Audio tab to the page?  there are sooo many good Quaker talks online and given at Yearly Meetings etc etc.   And mp3 seems to be an enduring format...

I hope you get enough $ to keep QQ going, even though I myself have used it little so far.  It appears really worthwhile. 


Susan Jeffers which I've not updated in over a year... 


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