For the week ending 1/14/2011.

This week has seen lots of talk about civil discourse and violence in our society. What do Friends have to say to the kind of tragedy we saw in Arizona? 

  • David Johns: Angry public conversation and learning to bless http://bit.ly/eYo5wR
    "The aggressiveness of societal discourse speaks a curse—so much easier to utter in many ways; one that condemns, that dismisses, that diminishes, that sends away. 'Send the children away, the Lord is tired.'"
  • AFSC: Responding to Violence against Those in Public Life http://bit.ly/f6bziE
    "In our work for peace, we have seen how each act of violence hurts not only the immediate victims, but tears at the fabric of entire communities."
  • Robin M: Non-violent Street Smarts http://bit.ly/fZ3zkL
    "I know Friends who have personally faced angry mobs, who have taught non-violent resistance around the world, and who are highly skilled in defusing dangerous situations. But as far as I can tell, they’re not teaching our young people how to do the same."


  • Rodney Guy Pharris: Post-Evangelical Friends? on QuakerQuaker Discussions http://bit.ly/eMNowL
    "Evangelicalism, with its Reformed roots, has a lower understanding of perfection or holy living than does Quakerism... If modernism is passing away, what will Evangelicals do? "
  • Anthony Manousos: Quakerism and Judaism http://bit.ly/gWTuqc
    "How Friends relate to Jews and Judaism is a central concern for Universalist Friends since Jews are an integral part of our Quaker family... We are linked by many common threads, culturally, religiously and spiritually."
  • Michael Jay: Church Planting and Multiple Services http://bit.ly/hmOlQR
    "We need to realize that creating a new worship service is creating a new worship community, it is a type of church plant. ... If we have multiple worship communities with common buisness, we must make sure that all are invited to the table."


  • Jan Lyn: Hope in the dead of winter http://bit.ly/hCC8Uw
    "So there is much going on in a bare winter tree that looks hollow and dormant. I know there is Truth in my roots and they help me stand on the promise that God will see me through, as the Lord is the strength of my life. (Psalm 27:1)."
  • C. Wess Daniels: Heralding peace http://bit.ly/gkunVW
    "Quaker participation relies on men and women and children thinking for themselves, pulling together and co-operating with one another and Jesus Christ – he is king and no one else. But ironically, his kingship is unlike any earthly King."
  • Johan Maurer - accountable to each other http://bit.ly/hEH3Wx
    "In some countries, our willingness to submit to the mutually accountable authority of the church is super-important--just as it was for Friends in our founding generation. "




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Comment by Rickey D. Whetstone on 1st mo. 18, 2011 at 10:48pm

The  hourly production of  the killing  of  humans, that is  on the majority of the television drama shows,  has produced a generation of people, that have no value regarding human life.          



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