Early Abolitionist - Racial Justice & Black History + Palestinian Apartheid

Dear Friends, as an ongoing work appearantly valiant? Our (global) history will proffer solution oriented pioneers and gems of truth that might need exploration and new light on old light. 

At hand is volume one friends journal 1837. I am using a copy from Multnomah MM library. As covid influenza or the rascal nucleic acid with a protein shell hit the fan. I knew library access would be almost prohibited. I took the book knowing I would read it and return once our journey of fear set and subsided. I am almost complete this text. Early had Christopher Story* an early prominent example of courage with much task but delivered from most. Ironically he describes 1666 plague with horrific simple communication. Just as September 11, 2001 hit I was reading Will Durant book 4 The Age of faith immersed in Islam section... Oh the lord always has me resonating... Whilst the Lord has me sitting on a chair affixed to the moon there is perspective with attempts to keep me humble and as non biased as possible; as if...

Well, C Story virtually a welcomed James Naylor. 

Gilbert Latey I may need review but I think religious freedom and or Prison Reform... 

*Gilbert was whom made account of Plague. I just completed text and fact checked item. 

Thomas Thompson infused with Evans family early abolitionists hunanity reformists would cast seeds all over Anglo perspective and generations of spiritually infused lives. Both surnames are all over trans-atlantic cause. A few areas prominent are the basics of empowerment or high intact self esteem, (THE KEY), logistics, (STEAL AWAY, INSTTUTIONAL REFORM), Boycotting. Both names have enshrined homes in UGRR. 

William Savery - I need to review. Devonshire London.   What comes to mind is the London Fire an accident???

Quakers learned that every text proffered must have a repository currently in Devonshire lest glimmers of light become like library of alexandria or and equivalent to The Round Room in the Vatican. A dark forboden place for stowage of Heresy. Stephen Grellet had keys to the city and managed access or preview. The same privelege Ban Ki Moon as UN General Secretery exercised in visit to The Holy Land... I want to see GAZA! Havoc or Hades broke loose for the workers of inequity. Laws changed through out Europe, Spain and the Netherlands rose up like Huus before Luther. Luther the reformist not Luther of light that is revered as dark. Unsure if duality is flip flopping or simply his light practised today just can only be seen polarized. 

Jane Hoskins litterally at hand maybe 4 pages to go; I keep hearing Barbados. Journal is abridged and not substantive as Elizabeth Ashbridge. 

CAMMS are next, then text complete and or fears are lifted? 

A virus is unstable and rate of replication can dictate is seat or demise. Demise is highly probable due type and region is thrives shortly in host. 

Genetic Markers for such a virus is not favorable as genetic narkers in word smithed, "Diversity". Vaccinations chasing the tiger tail or Nature. 

Everyone exhausted and will all come together but who are the lucky ones? Early or Late comers.

Let go and let God when you are ready. There is benefit in staving off until the weakend copy circulates just the information not a popular rag. But we are infused symbiotically an ancient infusion Mitochondria. 

So, topically many text are available and some still beed to be written. 

"Let This Voice Be Heard, Anthony Benezet - Father of Atlantic Abolitionism" by Maurice Jackson circa 2009 a must! This text is a deviation from contemporary persoective with origins in american media 1890s - 1910s but fully effected during 1930s when definitions of communication were in caveat "Entertainment". RKO Radio City Hall Standard Oil Building slapping the faces of Diego Rivera Arturo Siguieros conjunctively destroying advances of Guerrero Mexicos Obama but very effective. Now crux of media point. Justice Monkeys height social justice coupled with argumentative corner stone guilt with a J... will consciously or subconsciously publish books etc... with their now dna infused guilt. 

Classic examples

Fit for freedom not for friendship

Our American Israel - Kaplan tailspins scapegoating evangelicals or Neocons??? A simultaneous creation of The Likudnick Party, Netanyahus White Party and prince of darkness... Duality Again? 

The nackba or catastrophe continues but THE KEY is The right of Return annually displayed in March - The March of Return along Gaza, The worlds largest open air prison and test case experiment in War Against the People, Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification by Jeff Halper. Well, proven tech and suppression method are for sale at annual conventions Tel Aviv The worlds largest shopping security mall. 

Warefare is now Securocratic and slavery is now fictictious money that you pay ever higher ratios servicing the debt interest. Interest paid 30 percent of you and greater the new slave. 

Coming to peripheral countries near Israel and Islam vua war nation building and spoils of lucrative contracts building XYZ and an efficient 1970s German Styled podium building complete with tax code discounts to pacify your free spirit incentivised for you not to earn too much lest you loose privilege to your cell block. 

Racial Justice is with in and must be taught by showing gems in history not spanky bad old testament guilt. Also within meet and address come to terms with in a modern, Sailing to Byzantium. Honor the historic contribuion of sufferings and mystical interwoven embroidered family history, (Global Family).

We sometimes wait 2 to 1500 years to stitch our fabric. 

Now KEY SELF ESTEEM. It is our fundamental power.

Text Grimke Sisters, Rebels Against Slavery reveals the smoking gun of disempowerment. By Gerda Lerner. 

Benezet and Grimke deshelved or only electronically available so no chance of light or empowerment in libraries. Only guilt texts championed. 

Worth knowing Evo Morales indigenous president near large Quaker infusion. The new seeds along with East African seeds another Quaker infusion. 

More to follow...

Jane Hoskens comments sought. Robert

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