Best of QuakerQuaker: Mission, Plainness and Trust

Our Friday Wrap-up, Week Ending 10/22/10

God Talk:

Timothy Travis: Being Free Here and Now
"Sin and its resulting evil are not huge and not far away. Both are small, quiet and quite common..."

Danny Coleman: Hearing God
"It is when I get still and small myself that I'm apt to hear God speak. One of the reasons I became a Quaker was because they seem to have realized this and made it a central part of their worship."

Larry Fowler: When Words Form Judgements
"The world forms opinions and associates a name tag to many 'types' of people that keeps us from really being open to someone else."

Iris G: Calls Not Answered
"I picture myself like a little girl stamping her foot, arms folded tight over her chest, her face in a pout. Calls will not be answered. God, don’t even ask. Sometimes I’m more polite. PLEASE God, don’t even ask."

Colin Saxton: He is Risen
"There are characteristics about Quakers that, if lived out with integrity, offer the world a somewhat unique expression of Christianity that speaks to a listening world. This may be most true in how and whether we live in the constant, conscious awareness that Jesus Christ is present and active in us and in the world."

Types of Friends, Talk of Friends

Cherice polls readers: What do you like about your branch of Friends?
"What are some of your favorite things about being part of that organization of Friends? What is most important theologically for your branch of Friends?"

David Johns: Trusting Friends
"I’m a professor so I am accustomed to having a room full of people disagree with me... However, this conversation was startling."

Ashley W shares the (sometimes messy) style of Freedom Friends
"As a member of Freedom Friends, I feel honored when it is mentioned by someone from outside the church, but I know that the reality is a lot messier than our image sometimes is."

Plainness and Witness

Anglican Plain: Computer Fast
I do this so I can be a real person, not a virtual person. It’s easy and tempting to be that better person on-line, the one who never reveals a flaw or a failing. We can delete anything unflattering or critical. Friends who criticize can be elminated with the push of a button. We can, in the mask of anonymity, flame and flare people.

On the QuakerQuaker Forum, a discussion on Plain Speech
""I'd like to hear your thoughts about plain speech, if you would be willing to write in about it."

Micah Bales: Missional Quaker Faith (Part One)
"The purpose of the essays that follow will be to outline some of the broad features that might characterize our movement if Friends choose to respond to Christ's call to join him in the harvest field."

Susanne K: Liberal White Guilt and the Quaker Peace Testimony
"The original [peace testimony] texts actually don’t address the impact of physical violence on its victims. Instead, the writers say they are willing to accept physical suffering if that is the consequence of refusing to engage in violent actions that would make them morally guilty."

Featured Feature of the Week:
Friends on Twitter! You probably know we republish our Featured post on Twitter. But did you know we also have the largest list of Friends using Twitter? It's a neat insight into the day-to-day lives of Friends.

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