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Discarding the Similitudes or Masks.

Witnessing to Presence as air.

Generally speaking, we don't argue over breathing air. I mean, there are no groups advocating for a particular way of breathing air. There are no air intake traditions. There are no groups running around advocating for a particular philosophy or theology of breathing. Furthermore, there are no political groups or politicians advocating against people who do not breath the correct way or groups who would persecute others who do not breath the way they…


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Terrorism and Presence

The US President and officials in his administration believe in outward remedies to the ills of this world based upon their adherence to particular political, secular, and religious philosophies. The basic idea that, if you acknowledge and address the grievances of people (like use government to give them jobs) they will stop terrorising and killing is political agenda based on the false assumption that outward lack is the cause of killing and terrorism. The cause of terrorism is a conscious…


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Presence is the mountain and action.

All throughout the whole of various religious contexts there is a sentiment that acting and contemplation are different; that you have to come off the mountain to act.

This sentiment is misplaced. It may be that Moses had to come off the mountain to share God's words, however, it is not the case in the immediacy of Presence. Under the new covenant, inward Christ is the mountain and we are now blessed with mountaintop rest while acting at the same time.

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