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Kevin Camp Vocal Ministry: The Inexperienced versus Experienced Divide

At my Monthly Meeting, a Faith and Practice from Baltimore Yearly Meeting is regularly read before worship. "The experienced speaker should be careful not to speak too often, or at undo length." Curiously, no mention of an inexperienced speaker is mentioned at all. As constructed, or at least presented in isolation from other qualifying statements, the sentence implies that only experienced messages… Continue

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As the Spirit Moves

All these are activated by one and the same Spirit, who allots to each individually just as the Spirit chooses. - 1 Corinthians 12:11

Alison has been attending my meeting for the last 5 years. An elderly woman, she moved to Seattle to live near her sons and their families. I agreed to drive her to meeting on First Day.

At our first meeting, is was clear that she suffered from expressive aphasia.… Continue

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In Peru

Last night I spoke at a little church in Peru. Twenty five people came. I tried to encourage them . . . to have a direct relationship with God and not depend on the pastor. At the end of the service the people were observing me interact with their fellow members . . . as soon as I starting calling the old men my father and the older women my mother . . . . they let down their guard to the stranger from the United States and I became their friend. The pastor invited me to come back again next… Continue

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QuakerQuaker Wrapup, 11/26

Our Friday Wrap-up, week ending 11/26/10

Cat Chapin-Bishop: Spiritual Authority http://bit.ly/i94TZ6
Ashley W.: Care Committee Report http://bit.ly/hac1mc
Quaker Musings Susanne - Foot Washing? http://bit.ly/fmD35D
Quiet Way Ember: 'Remember Me'.…

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Happy Birthday to Us!

(From Martin, QuakerQuaker's publisher)

Hard to believe, but the QuakerQuaker community is turning five years old in a week! The project evolved gradually over time but December 6th will be the fifth anniversary of the registration of the QuakerQuaker.org domain, which makes it as good a birthday as any other marker.…


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That of Each Person in God?

I've gotten caught up in discussions about "that of God in each person," and whether that means what it seems to, or whether it means what George Fox meant by it, and finally-- Is it true?

It seems pretty clear to me-- that God creates the universe from inside us, that God "lives" us-- that this is the only tenable explanation of how we can truly be alive: having God living our life in us. And yet, in some theological models this is seen as mistaken, as an illegitimate transformation… Continue

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Kevin Camp Reformers Should Expect the Unexpected

So many of our causes, passions, and movements could be characterized in terms of David versus Goliath, requiring superhuman strength to set right. At the outset, the odds are stacked against us. Business corruption must not be allowed to metastasize, lest the country be utterly eviscerated by it. Environmental pollutants must not destroy our fragile ecosystem.… Continue

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The Quaker of the Olden Time

The Quaker of the olden time!

How calm and firm and true,

Unspotted by its wrong and crime,

He walked the dark earth through,

The lust of power, the love of gain,

The thousand lures of sin

Around him, had no power to stain

The purity within.

With that deep insight which detects

All great things in the small,

And knows how each man's life affects

The spiritual life of all,

He walked by faith and not by sight,

By love and not… Continue

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Do you Bless those who curse you?

(Dan 6:21) Then said Daniel unto the king, O king, live for ever.

Daniel had been placed in the lion's den by orders of the King.

And at the end of the ordeal . . . Daniel blessed his oppressor.

Did Daniel have a deeper spiritual life than most humans that inhabit the earth?

Or was he . . . just as…

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Best of QuakerQuaker (11/19/10)

Our Friday Wrap-up, Week Ending Eleventh Month 19 2010

Quaker Stories
The New Yorker: The Quaker Capitalist & the Chocolate Factory http://bit.ly/8YHbWG
Peggy Parsons: Joyfully subversive http://bit.ly/dmPcqx ;

Spiritual Practices
Johan Maurer: Experimenting with prayer…

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Kevin Camp There Is No Righteousness in Your Darkest Moment

A year or so ago I wrote a post that referenced the Sleater-Kinney song “Sympathy”. I return to it here for a slightly different reason. Its poignant, profound lyrics are written from the perspective of a mother whose newborn son’s survival hangs in the balance. In her desperation and fear, she calls out to God.

I know I come to you only when in need

I’m not the best believer,


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Plain among the fancy folk

Last night my honey and I attended the 50th anniversary Fancy-Schmancy Dinner of his workplace. The women in his department had been dithering for days on end about what they would wear, how they would find time to get a professional manicure for the occasion, etc. The men too were in a tizzy about dressing "right" for the occasion. This not being Halloween we opted to go as ourselves, he in a homespun homemade shirt and black twill pants, me in a homemade homespun dress. We gave our nod to…


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Quake That Rocked The MidWest is taking registrations for MLK weekend 2011.

The Illinois Yearly Meeting High School Friends Cordially Invite all

Quaker High School friends (and their parents) to join us for the…

The Quake That Rocked the Midwest!

January 15-18, 2010

1010 Greanleaf, Evanston Ill, 60202

Folks will be arriving Friday afternoon and evening, and typically fend for themselves for

Friday's dinner. Meals will be provided for Saturday breakfast through Monday lunch.

We will be staying… Continue

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Penn Army of None joins Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

On Saturday, November 6th, 2010, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Peace Committee welcomed us to the Yearly Meeting family as a Working Group. We are grateful for the guidance and support of the Friends community, which has included Minutes of support and financial assistance from Old Haverford Friends Monthly Meeting and the Haverford Quarterly Meeting.

Our current projects include expanding our counterrecruitment literature with new brochures focused on helping students in…


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Draw Breath, a poem by Geoffrey Weeden

Breathe in the quiet purpose of this place;

Through outward stillness, seek a calm within.

Here we can find forgiveness and forgive;

Here feel the healing miracle begin.

Breathe out the busy world, the teeming mind,

The follies, fears and failures of the week;

Breathe out contention, pettiness and pride,

And wait in trust for that of God to speak.

Breathe in communion, friend with quiet friend,

Each drawing closer…

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Kevin Camp Sticks and Stones and Words (That Always Hurt Us)

In recent days, I have recognized yet again that some people crave surety and certainty. They believe in, and seem to need a definite answer phrased in absolute terms. Beyond the biological and even theological implications of this system is the reality. Rational sense alone has frequently been disregarded for stubborn need. Thought it may not be our role to pass judgment, lest we be judged in kind, we eagerly take it in any case. When we are… Continue

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