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Never say die

A great host of aphorisms call us to persistence. Don't give up this ship; don't halt before you are lame; hang in there; the darkest hour is just before dawn; while there is life, there is hope; always give people more than they expect; the expectations of life depend on diligence are but a few of many. This expression manages to convey the idea in three short…


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What has been your experience with hope?

Greetings, Friends!

Chapter 27 of Minding the Light: Our Collective Journal is now available online and attached as a PDF file, below. For this chapter, we invited Friends to respond to the query, "What has been your experience with hope? How has the Light been revealed through hope lost, hope found or hope sustained?"  In response, we received 10 stories.

What stories rise for you as you sit…


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Quakers are encouraged to “contemplate death . . . both their own and the death of those they are closest to.”[i] Death is to be seen as a “fact”[ii] and such an understanding is meant to set us free from fear and avoidance. Mourning and grief are not to be hidden and Quakers are led to embrace those who mourn.…


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It's time to move QuakerQuaker

Everything's not quite ready, but it's time to move QuakerQuaker over to the new server. It will be powered by BuddyPress, a variation on WordPress blogging platform. It's still very much an experiment in progress, but that's fitting in with the history of QuakerQuaker. I've announced some of the changes on a blog post there:

Time to switch…


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Two heads are better than one

In 1390, John Gower wrote an extended work on the seven deadly sins, Confessio Amantis, which contains the phrase, "and tuo han more wit then on." I believe in the truth of this phrase and put that belief into practice. Not only was this book formally edited, I shared my early drafts with anyone who would read them.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-11

Two are better…


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It takes two to tango

While there would be universal acceptance of the notion that some things require a partnership of sorts, marriage and boxing for example, these words appear in the 1952 song by the same name, which has since covered by many. The song, first made famous by Pearl Bailey, pretends to exhaust the many things one can do on one’s own but saves “the dance of love” as the contrasting…


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In the Name Is Freedom from the flawed nature.

I am sufficiency in itself to guide and teach you. When I am you and you are me all outward forms are laid down. I am then no longer an object to look at and rationalize and preach about. I am living being present in you in all things and in me outward prescriptions and creeds and those who teach them are of no value. They are of the old flawed nature. Do not look for me in the past or sometime in the future. Such is of the flawed nature. I am come again in this moment and I am present with you… Continue

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One good turn deserves another

This is a restating of the Latin phrase, quid pro quo, which means, “two things exchanged for equal value” and is often used in criminal court when explaining a plea bargain where both sides truly give something up and both sides truly gain something. This phrase describes what is rather than what ought to be. In contrast, by using the word “deserves” in the proverb, it…


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Paddle your own canoe

These words come from a popular 19th Century Celtic song. The song cautions against trust and risk ending with the couplet: “And I have no wife to bother me life, no lover to prove untrue, the whole day long I laugh with the song and paddle me own canoe.” Such wisdom is contradicted by phrases like, “there is strength in numbers.” Winnipeg has a relatively small population of people with African descent. And while a few African gangs were kept apart from each other, the correctional…


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Look for the similarities rather than differences

In a BBC interview, when speaking of her move to San Francisco, author Isabel Allende said “I have traveled all over the world and one thing that amazes me is that I can communicate with people. My story may be different but emotionally we are all the same. I tend to see the similarities in people and not the differences.” I can only imagine such a straightforward piece of…


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If you can't beat them, join them

Although these words are commonly spoken in political contexts, they are hard to apply in some settings. You can't really put on the other team's uniform during halftime at a football game. A superstar athlete can, however, forgo the best contract available to sign for less money with the team he thinks can win a championship. This idea of joining the opposition can describe…


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The Cross in Quaker Faith

The following is an excerpt from a new post titled "The Cross in Quaker Faith," which can be found on Abiding Quaker. .

On the other hand, what if the cross is set aside as irrelevant and given no place within present-day Liberal Quaker faith and practice? Dismissing this reference point of the cross (and…


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Speak the Name itself in itself and not about the Name

I am the answer. I am the way. I am with you as you write and ruminate. Speak my Name before rationalizing and intellectualizing. Rest in my Name and own who I am. Say me, speak me, and I am there in your conscience and conscious. I am ever Present within you. I am immanent. Just speak my Name ... I am ... right now ... just speak it as you read it. Say ... I am ... rest in and own who I am. It is in the speaking and calling that I am manifest Light. Lay down rationalizations and simply speak… Continue

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No man is an island

John Donne's Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, and several steps in my Sickness contains both the phrases “no man is an illand” and “for whom the bell tolls.” The 1623 spelling may be unfamiliar to many. Unlike many of the quotations I chose for this book, where true origins are unknown or debatable, there is universal agreement that this is Donne's image.…


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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Often this phrase refers to a person in a group or team and this meaning was reinforced with the popular TV show, The Weakest Link that had tremendous, albeit brief, popularity in 2001.  The aphorism originated in the 19th century. It referred to the links in an argument, suggesting that even the strongest of logical propositions lose their validity based on their…


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Increase Our Faith (Some observations on Luke 17: 1-10)

Abiding Quaker

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Increase Our Faith (Some observations on Luke 17: 1-10)

Here's an excerpt from a new post titled "Increase Our Faith"at Abiding Quaker .

Beyond the restoration of relationship by truth-telling and re-affirming social boundaries, however, is a call to handle offenses in a way that requires more than human ability. Jesus calls us and the disciples to this new…


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Don’t go it alone

As advice for climbing a tall and wobbly ladder, this aphorism speaks of the value of partnerships and mutual support. Extended, it could be taken as proclaiming the value of communal collectives such as food-purchasing clubs or cooperative housing. Note the use of the word “don’t” which implies we actually have the choice to “go it alone” - a suggestion some would counter as…


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The Liberal Quaker (Multi)-Dilemma

If a Meeting takes a stand on any significant issue whatsoever it excludes (and temporarily alienates) people who see the matter otherwise.

If a Meeting can not take a stand on matters causing great suffering (and there is always disagreement about these, or someone would have simply corrected them) we seem to fall short of a basic Christian duty.

A possible resolution to this might look like what we did (as I heard it) with the Quaker House in Ulster. Of two warring groups,…


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Too many cooks spoil the broth

These words could be read as the opposite of “it takes a village [to raise a child]” or “many hands make light work,” and is also akin to the anachronistic “too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” Rather than argue for universality of any one stance, suffice to say that some situations call for teamwork, and others for the concentration and oversight of only one, or maybe a…


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