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Sharing the Response to Prayer

1 Corinthians 6:9 is a hot topic these days. It seems that it is time for me to share some of the results of my prayers about it, since like it or not, the debates and arguments and rhetoric have begun to frequently touch my daily life, and it seems to be time to open up a bit about what I have been receiving in prayer.…


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Can the Blind lead the Blind?

Jesus spoke this parable in Luke 6:39, so . . . what spiritual principal was Jesus teaching?

The only being that has a monopoly on truth is God.

According to Jesus . . . all men are blind to the truth.

And we are only on the correct path . . . when we are lead by God . . . on a daily basis.

This is all according to the Master Plan of God.

The children of Israel…

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Am I Leading or Being Led? QYLC 2010 Keynote

Am I Leading or Being Led?…


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Book review: A New Kind of Christianity

Brian McLaren has emerged as a voice that asks aloud the questions that

many of us have wrestled with in silence. As a result, he has been

lionized (and sometimes idolized) by those who find resonance with his

theological ponderings. He has simultaneously been demonized and even

slandered by those who are disturbed by his explorations into what it

means to follow Jesus in the 21st century. He has become both an

antenna and a lightning rod for the light and heat… Continue

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United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

Its official name is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and it's elegant and comprehensive.


Today I am thinking hard about the plight of (usually) undocumented farm workers, particularly those in the dairy industry and most particularly lthe workers who were fired from the Ruby Ridge dairy, just north of Pasco, Washington, for signing up for a union vote. The Bingens, who own…


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Daniel's Type Spiritual Maturity . . . where is it today?

If a foreign power . . . invaded your country, and destroyed your hometown, burnt down your place of worship, and took you as a prisoner of war.

How would your react to your captors?

Did Daniel act like a typical human and succumb to the national spirit of pride and vow to avenge all wrongs.

I have yet to observe anyone that conducts themselves with the spiritual maturity of Daniel.


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How to help the budget

Gave some thought yesterday about how I personally benefit from the federal government -- besides the social security payments. I could only think of indirect ways--clean air, clean water, First Amendment rights of free speech, religion and assembly, safe food, safe meds, safe air travel, Interstate highways(!!), radio, labels on food, National Parks and National Forests and Wildlife Refuges, things like that. Oh yes, the US Postal Service. I benefit most directly from that federal…


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Something good about simple, physical labor (a.k.a. drudge work)

Nothing earth-shattering, here.

This morning, this sun-bright, half-foot-of-snow covered morning, I was blessed. Again.

I had machine-washed a load of towels and wanted to hang them out to dry. It looked like a perfect morning to do so, the sky so blue, a gentle breeze, and predictions that it would warm up to freezing. Ahh, relative warmth!

I gathered the damp towels into the basket, stepped outside, and noted that I…

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What Spirit influences you today?

Understanding the words and teachings and actions of Jesus, will be confusing to anyone . . . unless they understand the Master Plan of God. Matt. 10:34-36

In Luke 9:55 Jesus tell's his disciples "You do not know what type of spirit is influencing you." Why . . . did he say these words? . . Because they asked for permission to call fire down from Heaven . . . to consume a city in Samaria that would not host… Continue

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"Climate Gate" Gets a Re-Tread: Daily Mail Distorts

I tend to post articles about human-caused climate change by experts, because I am not one. I am scientifically literate, but not expert enough to feel confident trying to explain the complexity of the earth's climate balance.

However, today's Daily Mail, a London-based yellow journalism rag, has a headline claiming that a…

Added by Charley Earp on 2nd mo. 14, 2010 at 10:04pm — 1 Comment

Meeting Today

Worship was a struggle today, much harder than usual to center and wait for God. My brain kept spinning with silly fragments coming out of left field.

Then a quote from Hans Hofmann came to me, "the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." Simplicity is not just a issue of possessions or clothing. It is a state of spirit, of being.

Back to my struggle to center, to listen.

"I came that they may have life, and have it… Continue

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Wisps of wisdom, morsels of truth, nuggets of knowledge

This phrase came to me in the Silent Weekend, as I waited for God to send me some ephananies. Then I felt bad for expecting anything. Rather, I hoped for the wisps of wisdom. And God send some to me. I am still humbled by the gifts I received.

Black History Month inspired my thoughts in new ways that I am going to pursue a while before writing about.

I've been on a whirlwind treadmill lately, scampering quite quickly. I hope I can slow down this weekend and work…


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Knock knock . . . Who's there?

It does us good to study the life of Jesus in the four gospels. Many times Jesus preformed unorthodox actions, which confused many of the Jews. Today . . . we have the luxury of 20/20 hindsight . . . looking back into history and seeing the results of the actions of others . . . and the results of the actions of Jesus . . . that have affected generation after generation after generation.

Jesus said and taught many ideas, that were so foreign to the thinking of the great…

Added by Rickey D. Whetstone on 2nd mo. 12, 2010 at 12:00am — No Comments

How the Gospel Came to You (For Thy Sake)

The majority of the people that live in Western Culture, have no idea of their spiritual roots, or as others would use the term, spiritual history.

How did your ancestors come to know Christ?

What events happen in the past . . . that brought you the Good News?

The Good News . . . conquered the Roman Empire with out a physical war of swords and arrows.

The Roman Empire was brought the Good…

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When we COME to HIM.

My mother was the Queen of worry. She died the first week of August 2009 at the ripe old age of 83. She taught me how to worry . . . without a single classroom lesson. I picked up her spirit of worry . . . as a small child. I now know . . . it was a family spirit of worry . . . passed from one generation to the next. I've been free of the spirit of worry . . . ever since God revealed to me . . . his Master Plan.

Jesus instructs us not worry in Matt. chapter…

Added by Rickey D. Whetstone on 2nd mo. 8, 2010 at 10:26pm — 1 Comment

The Master Plan of God

I could not see the forest . . . for the trees.

This well know statement is an example, of the primary spiritual hurtle that mankind is faced with every day.

The Almighty has a Master Plan. A wonderful Plan. A Plan that encompasses the entire Universe.

Bits and pieces of the Plan can be seen . . . scattered here and there . . . through out the writings of the prophets.

If we do not have a…

Added by Rickey D. Whetstone on 2nd mo. 8, 2010 at 1:33am — 1 Comment

Spiritual Foundation

So . . . what is the spiritual foundation . . . of the teachings of Jesus.

In other words . . . what is the driving force of the teachings of Jesus.

To get to the answer . . . we must go though a door, or passage way.

We have to breakout of our culture, just like any baby bird pecks its' way out of the egg.

A lawyer said "Master what is the most important commandment in the law?" Jesus…

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Spiritual Maturity

The number of the teachings of Jesus, that we understand is a indicator of our level of spiritual knowledge.

The number of the teachings of Jesus, that we actually live in our lives, while here on earth is our degree of spiritual maturity.

A complete understanding of the foundation of the teachings of Jesus, empowers us to carry out our mission of love, without a doubt, without hesitation or any…

Added by Rickey D. Whetstone on 2nd mo. 7, 2010 at 12:08pm — 1 Comment

Our Culture

The culture we are born into . . . has a huge effect on our perspective, our thinking, and our understanding.

As a young child . . . I was told . . . Jesus died on the cross to make amends between God and mankind. I was told . . . God is angry with sin . . . God can not look at sin . . . God demands a sinless life . . . and the death of Jesus . . . made…

Added by Rickey D. Whetstone on 2nd mo. 6, 2010 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

Guest post by Tone - "That of God within all"

Reproduced with the author's permission from Britain Yearly Meeting's web forum. Tone wrote:

When George Fox recorded this phrase, 'answering that of God in everyone' he was in jail in Launceston. He was suffering at the hands of his oppressors. He saw 'that of God' as being repressed in his tormentors, ignored and 'transgressed'. Answering that of God in them was 'spreading the Truth abroad, awakening the witness, confounding deceit, gathering up out of… Continue

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