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Verbal Attack on Transgender Men--your action requested

Michael Eric Brown of TransMentors International has raised the alarm about ugly, misinformed and offensives comments uttered on a radio program earlier this week.

On Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 Janet Snyder and Nicholas Picholas on Kiss 98.5 in Buffalo ran a story on Scott Moore "The 2nd Pregnant Man." Durning the story, both Janet and Nick responded in a transphobic, hateful and dismissive manner. Join us in condemning this…

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Quaker Quaker This Week: Threshing, Despair, Prayer--and a Quaker Mozart?

QuakerQuaker Editors Picks

Canby Jones wrote: "Committed to Jesus not only as Lord, but also as Prince of Peace and peacemaking as his warriors, we eschew anything to do with war and the things that make…

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Settling in & Breaking out. First Stop NC!

Firstly a thousand pardons for my utter neglect of my blog. After taking a break over the holidays (and soaking up the Oaxaca sun) I moved to Selinsgrove, PA (Susquehanna University). Amazing how much energy and concentration goes into relocating. Besides all of the work to settle (unpack, set up an office space, make new friends, connect with friends I met over the past year here) I also took up in earnest once again to work on my memoir after a break during the fall tour. After two hours a… Continue

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Urgent Question About Quaker Education

Is there anyone out there going to the Friends Council on Education diversity summit on social class Feb 8-9 at Pendle Hill?

I'm writing an article for Friends Journal about Quaker education and social class (tentatively approved by FJ) and would love to talk to attendees, both before and after, about their concerns and their experiences at this event.

Please contact me directly at njeanneburns at gmail dot com.…


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The best learning experience . . . is experience.

When I was a child . . . growing up . . . my parents would say " I love you" . . . and as a child . . . I thought that I knew . . . I understood . . . their message . . . their feelings . . . about . . . their . . . Love . . . for . . . me.

The first time I held . . . my first born . . . in my arms . . . she looked at me and she smiled . . . my soul exploded with love . . . love . . . love . . . that I had never . . ever . . . dreamed of . . . love that would never end for her . . .… Continue

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What do Quakers do . . . Think?

I've been here about a month . . . I found this site . . . from information on the internet . . . that stated Quakers hold their own spiritual experiences superior to the writings of scripture . . . I was hopeful that I would find a group of people . . . communicating directly with God . . . sharing their spiritual knowledge . . . in their everyday living.

I left orthodox Christianity . . . looking for a breath of fresh spiritual air . . . I'm wondering . . . if most Quakers just… Continue

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Bridge Film Festival Finalist Judges Announced!

The Bridge Film Festival 2010 is honored to announce this year's Finalist Judges! Each year we select judges who are educators, social activists, filmmakers, and Quakers. Because the festival is on-line, they will be able to view and evaluate the finalist entries from wherever in the world they happen to be (as long as they have a computer and internet connection.) The judges will determine the winners for best narrative, documentary, digital slide show, and public service announcement… Continue

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Friends Journal now available in PDF format

Hello, world. I am writing to spread the word to you Internet-savvy Quakers that Friends Journal is now available in an electronic subscription format. Subscribers to our digital edition will receive instant access to the latest issue as a PDF file. We think it looks great on a large screen (full screen mode on a 17-inch LCD? Beautiful), and just fine on a smaller screen (though there'll be some scrolling to do). And since it doesn't require a web connection, it's perfect for reading… Continue

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Geroge Fox . . . vision . . . at Lichfield

I was reading more of the life of George Fox. In chapter five George is on the outskirts of the town of Lichfield . . . and is instructed by God to enter the town and proclaim it's woes. And while walking the streets of Lichfield . . . George sees a vision of blood running down the streets of town. Thus causing him to declare the woes of Lichfield more forcefully . . . afterwards he learns that 1300 years before a Roman emperor Diocletian had slaughtered over one thousand followers of Christ at… Continue

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Sabbath and Tithing - One Quaker's Half Formed Perspective.

I've been hearing more and more people talk about needing to slow down, to simplify their schedules. No one seems to be succeeding. Even children are over scheduled.

Friends are called to be in the world but not of it.

But are we doing this? It can be hard to tell the difference between a Quaker and your average liberal American. At times I think that we are a secularized society of friends (intentional absence of capitals).

At my meeting today, we shared our… Continue

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On Knowing Ourself

Yes, I wrote ourself: the grammatical error is deliberate. Tomorrow two facilitators will visit Schuylkill Friends and at rise of meeting will explain the purpose of the survey members and attenders will complete as part of the "Knowing Ourself as a Meeting" process, developed by the Center for Deepening and Strengthening Our Meetings, a ministry of PYM. The use of the singular --ourself-- emphasizes that our meeting is a community with a collective personality. The results of the survey… Continue

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Religion: The Soul of Soulless Conditions

I really suck at being an atheist. Actually, I've never liked that word, even if I begrudgingly admit that, by the abstract definition, I am one. That abstract definition goes like this, "a-" stands for absence and "-theism" stands for belief in god. I have an absence of theism.

Of course, most people take atheism to imply an overt hostility to religion. That is why I am such a lousy atheist. I love religion. If I could in all good conscience return to believing in a god, miracles,… Continue

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Admiting I'm not marginalized: The blessings of dual membership

My God, My God – Why hast thou made me so different!

To begin with, I have never felt a love like I feel from the Creator God. I have never felt drawn to be close to anyone in a healthy way until I could accept that I was loved. YHWH’s love for me made it possible for me to love others, even my enemies. I know YHWH and the divine desire for my life because of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, who I deem as being the person in history through whom salvation comes. I believe this salvation is… Continue

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whose burdens do we bear?

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” –Galatians 6:2

“Every man shall bear his own burden.” --Galatians 6:5

These two teachings have been on my mind as my Catholic Worker community of Quakers holds its annual review/planning/discernment session. I'm trying to understand what I can and cannot do for other people and what I may and may not ask of them. The long version of this is on my blog at…


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George Fox

I was reading George Fox's autobiography and he wrote that he had periods of depression and temptation that caused him to draw near to God. What has caused you to draw near to God.



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George Willoughby, Quaker activist, 1914-2010

Repost of a War Resisters International article on George WIlloughby, Quaker peace activist that died this week. The original version is at http://www.wri-irg.org/node/9522. I had an email chat w/WRI's Howard Clark after George's passing and know Bob Smith, the Philadelphia activist who wrote the piece, and I'm pretty sure they'd be fine with this reposting. If anyone knows of other remembrances, please add them in the comments.… Continue

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Spiritual Experiences

I would like to hear about any one's spiritual experiences or encounters . . . such as dreams . . . visions . . . trances . . . out of body experiences . . . miracles . . . angelic visitations. I enjoy reading about other peoples spiritual events . . . they inspire me to seek a closer relationship with God.

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One Minute For Peace

Even though the deadline for this year's Bridge Film Festival is March 1st, we recently received the first entry. It's from the Brooklyn Monthly Meeting and it's a public service announcement related to the American Friends Service Committee's "One Minute for Peace" initiative.

Last summer the BFF jointly announced a "bridging" with the AFSC,… Continue

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New Year's Lamentations and Consolations

My meeting has a tradition of holding worship on New Year's Eve. Given the date, worship revolves around the events of the previous months and hopes for the year ahead. For myself, being Christocentric with a strong connection to nature, my meditation inevitably brings images of darkness turning towards the Light.

2009 was a year of changes, not all of them welcome.

I made a trip back east to see my father. Alzheimer's had so thoroughly robbed his face of expression, that… Continue

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