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Accidental Friends

Posted on 3rd mo. 21, 2012 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

I suffer from chronic pain from several sources internal and muscular/skeletal. Yet, I am hopeful.   Sometimes that hope comes into doubt, as when you feel the impact of an automobile with the rear of the one in which you are travelling. It was our blessing that it occurred in front of our meetinghouse. Our pastor, Alivia Biko, helped me pray back through the new pains as I waas prepared for transport to the hospital. Beside my physical pain, I also was greiving the total loss of my…


Queries are by their nature long...

Posted on 2nd mo. 23, 2012 at 4:30am 0 Comments

I try to write myself a query, each week, usually addressing something I am peeved about.  I tried to write one on my Quakerquaker profile and discovered I am limited to 143 characters.  As a Friend, somewhat long in the tooth, I find it hard to write a query in less than 143 words, much less characters.

Take for instance the following query:  Do Friends just tolerate or do they welcome and embrace seekers and members that are functionally challenged by disability, developmental…


Federal Court Striking Down Federal Defense of Marriage Act Effects Us How?

Posted on 7th mo. 12, 2010 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

As a Quaker who walks in the way of Christ, I find the whole defense of

marriage concept as wrong headed and internally conflicted. The

Constitution of the United States, neither confirms nor denies the

institution of marriage. Since marriage is defined severally by

religious bodies, and not consistently, we must fall on the First

Amendment, for the authority to even have marriage at all. What was the

Constitutional basis for the United States to attack the Church… Continue

Have a Proactive and Enduring Day of Thanksgiving.

Posted on 11th mo. 26, 2009 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

To Friends, every day is a day of worship and a day of thanksgiving. Once a year we, Americans, come together as a country and try to see some way to be thankful for our state of life. Not everyone in this country sees this the same way. Some can relate to a universal ultimate, some find their own state of consciousness about as fleetingly ultimate as they can imagine. We all try to express our gratefulness, if not to a spiritual personage, at least to one another. Then there is the rest of the… Continue

Practice of Faith

Posted on 11th mo. 1, 2009 at 8:32pm 0 Comments

Marcus Borg speaks of faith coming from three attitudes: fear, acceptance and dynamics. From what I understand fear says your faith outlook is rather paranoid that everything is bad until it is magically fixed by God, but you still spend most of your life looking over your shoulder and preparing for the worst. Acceptance is the "Que sera, sera" attitude, "what will be, will be." Like God created the universe and left, for the most part. This idea came out of the Newtonian physics idea of a… Continue

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At 6:34pm on 12th mo. 19, 2010, carol woodsong said…

siyo, dear one~ 
So good hearing from you!  I am holding you and dear Barbara in the Light!!

Santa Fe is putting on a lovely show of winter for us these past few days! We drove up the mountain and into the fog-  watching (from the comfort of our warm car) shoe shoers and other hearty folk!  We are still here, still living simply, still in love with Love, with the One ...   ((smile))  J  and A are totally involved in family life, - although A is currently on short term disability because of some anxiety issues.  Good insurance, though!  Pray he come through with more insight, insh'allah!   Love to you and yours, and a very merry, if you will, holiday season!   love, always -ws

At 12:18am on 7th mo. 22, 2010, Dan McCracken said…
Not related so far as I know.
At 1:49pm on 7th mo. 15, 2010, carol woodsong said…
Dear One, so good to see you here. O'siyo! Sometimes this technology feels a God-send, eh? of course it is, All God- la ilaha ilalah! ... Thanks for the invite, the welcome and your wondrous presence my dear friend! with love, ws
At 9:26am on 7th mo. 22, 2009, Melanie Black said…
I really enjoyed reading your blog posted on June 28th. I'm in wholehearted agreement with the gender equality. It was one of the factors in attracting me to the Quakers, as it was the only Christian religion I could find that felt that women and men were equals in the Lord (at least, that was the theory). I also agree with the acceptance of the GLBT. How otherwise can Christ's love truly show in us?

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Keith Saylor commented on Keith Saylor's blog post 'Online Version of William Rogers 1680 text "The Christian Quaker..."'
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