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Started this discussion. Last reply by AMY ADAMS SQUIRE 2nd month 7, 2011. 4 Replies

What does it mean to "live to the point"?


Started this discussion. Last reply by AMY ADAMS SQUIRE 2nd month 11, 2011. 10 Replies

Is it possible to be an Episcopalian and a Quaker. I love the Episcopal liturgy and making music to the Lord. I also honor the quiet, simplicity, honesty, and peaceful convictions of the Friends, to…Continue



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I'm a lesbian Episopalian, with Quaker inclinations. I'm a church musician, and I work in a bookstore. Moved to Lynnwood, WA from St. Louis 10 years ago. I have 3 cats and smoke a pipe (tobacco only). I don't drink, have a bachelors degree, and have a well-developed sense of humor. Am also a Libertarian. That about covers it.

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At 9:00pm on 1st mo. 26, 2012, MerryAntics said…

Uh, it just dawned on me why you might have asked that question... perhaps because I joined the "Sexuality, LGBT" group?  I wanted to comment on Joseph's discussion "Consigned to Hell"  but that required I join the group.  Here's hoping the group is open to anyone regardless of orientation.   :D

Peace be with you.

At 8:46pm on 1st mo. 26, 2012, MerryAntics said…

Hi Amy,  You asked me:

What (or perhaps who) are you?

I am foremost, a caring and (I believe) compassionate  female who may have Friends/Quaker leanings.  I'm exploring Qu to see whether I might find a good fit with others of a similar non-dogmatic persuasion.   I have engaged in quiet prayer on my own for years.  Essentially, my concept of quiet prayer is to simply ask God to look to my heart; then I shut up.  Believing that God is omniscient, He knows my heart and will speak to the issues He knows need to be addressed.

But to answer what may be the nub of your question ~ I'll follow the lines of your profile information.  I am a heterosexual having no  religious upbringing; however, I have explored various of the Christian religions.  I am a theist but not necessarily Christian.  I have great respect for the teachings of Christ.  I moved to Idaho from Maryland 5 years ago and at age 60, married the man who I believe is my soul mate.   I have 2 children (one deceased)  from an earlier marriage.  I miss my daughter (recently married and still living in Maryland.  I am a retired human resources director of a continuing care retirement community.  I have multiple rescued pets, currently a dog and two cats that live in the home and several outdoor cats that have elected to remain outdoor cats.  I have been called "delightfully demented" by those who appreciate my goofy sense of humor.  My husband and I do still enjoy the flaming vegetable matter (tobacco only) but we do not smoke in the home.  Politically, it's complicated.  I am very disappointed by most of the palaver put out by local and national politicians.  Lately, I've voted against the incumbent unless I have very strong reasons to retain him or her.  IMHO, they're all far too complacent and merely give lip service to what they believe their potential constituents want to hear.   That about covers it. 

Peace be with you.

At 3:08am on 2nd mo. 12, 2011, Kristen McLewin said…


You're a late bird too, eh?  I'm well, thanks.  How was your week?  Do you have any particular plans for the weekend, or are you working?  I have a bunch of farm chores waiting to be done, and my son has a number of events he wants to attend tomorrow.  I'm hoping we can manage some of each.


I had to travel for week this week, and I'm a bit weary.  I'm thankful to be home with my dogs and my woodstove.  I'm actually more in the mood for a long forest walk or a drive through the country (a guilty pleasure I rarely indulge, but I do wish for it sometimes) than chores.  However, the chores will feel good once they are done.


What drew you to the Friends? 



At 12:45am on 2nd mo. 11, 2011, Kristen McLewin said…


A bookstore?  Might it be one I would recognize?  What a nice place to work.  My mom was surprised I pursued teaching rather than a library science degree, because of my love of books/reading.  What is your musical specialty/interest? 


Right now, I teach K-5 in a public school online/homeschool hybrid program.  In the past, I taught high school English, 4th grade, ESL, and 2-5 grade in a multi-age classroom.  I've enjoyed it all at various times for different reasons.  My son is 9 yrs (10 in a couple of weeks), and attends our local elementary school.


Blessings on this fifth day evening.   Kristen

At 11:20pm on 2nd mo. 8, 2011, Kristen McLewin said…



A musician!  How lovely!  I sang in the Episcopal choir -- that's part of what I miss so dearly.  We do sing occasionally at our meeting, but it's not quite enough for me.  I hope to figure out how to add a bit more at some point.  My son and I attend the Bellingham Friends Meeting in town.  I'm a teacher, a single mom, a bit of a homesteader, and a plain dresser.  I also raise pups for Guide Dogs for the Blind (our pup also attends meeting).  It would be fun to meet sometime.  I grew up in Lake Forest Park and my parents still live there (my sister lives in Seattle), so we do travel south now and then.  :)




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