Difficulties arrive in the form of a bathing suit: Just what do you wear, as a woman, when swimming?

I live in the Great Lakes State of Michigan, and being surrounded with freshwater in all forms means that during summer many outdoors activities are water oriented. It's lovely to take a dip when it's one hundred degrees out, and the humidity is nearly as high. But how to do it without compromising? The local Amish women (I live near a large community), as I've seen, tend to wade in ankle or sometimes knee deep while fully clothed. That's about as far as they get. But if she wanted to swim or wade out over her head, a full dress would be not only impractical but dangerous as well.

For myself I've decided on knee length swim shorts and a long sleeved rash guard, a kind of UV protective swim shirt that not only protects my modesty but my lily white Irish burnable skin from looking like a lobster after a day down the river. Saves on sunscreen, too! What has everyone else decided on?

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There is a line of swimwear worn by Muslim women, if you are interested. http://www.muslim-swimwear.com/


Interesting point! I've been thinking about this topic this summer, as it's my first summer officially plain dress. Currently I have a long tank style top that covers my stomach, with a swim skirt. The skirt is shorter than I would like...I bought it last year when modesty was just becoming a concern for me. I think for next season I can make my own at a length I can choose. That works well for me :) At this time I don't feel the need to be quiet so completely covered while swimming as the Muslim bathing suits provide. I am dark enough naturally that sunburn has never been a concern for me though...

I don't really swim anymore. I swam competitively in high school, and ever since then I don't really enjoy it. The exception was the one time I visited the Caribbean, and I went snorkeling. I had a bikini back then, and I quickly learned to wear a t-shirt over a bathing suit when snorkeling (I normally don't burn, but being that close to the equator...yikes), so I guess that's what I'd do.  I have a lightweight black cover-up skirt too, so last time I went kayaking, I put a t-shirt and the skirt over my bikini. That really confused the woman who rented the kayaks to us...she thought I was all fancy-dress because I had a skirt on!

There are several American firms selling "modest swimwear"; searching under that title shows a wide variety of options.  I find then interesting because I take meds that cause _very_ wierd sun reactions, but some are both modest and pretty as well as protective.


I have worn the "extended slimmer swimmer" on this page: http://www.wholesomewear.com/slimmer-c.html

It allows me to participate without using too much sunscreen (lily white Cornish skin) and allows me to feel modestly covered. They are pricey, unfortunately. I also cover my hair.


I haven't had the issue in a while because I don't really swim much, but if I did I'd be happy to wear something like this http://hydrochic.com/modest-swimsuits.html (first page second row far right).  I think a modest swim top with short sleeves and the swim skirt with leggings would be perfect for me. The swim skirt is like a long running skirt (leggings below and a skirt over). 

It's interesting how modesty seems to be making a comeback.  Recently I saw riding breeches (I ride)with an attached short skirt that split on the sides http://www.hellotrade.com/equissentials-usa/equiskirt.html


Wouldn't you know it: Huffington Post did an article on modest swimsuits with an excellent list of manufacturers. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/21/modest-swimwear--_n_159074...


For this summer, I'm using knee length shorts and a UV protective short sleeve exercise shirt. But I would like to make a suit that is a shirt, knee length skirt with same length leggings  as actual swim suit material will hold up better in the long run than my cotton stand-ins.

It looks like thou hast a number of options, Emele, as thee can clearly see. I think there is modest swimwear for ladies available, and something thee could find easily enough. I see thy point as well: on those 105° days, if I had a pool with a 20ft deep end, I would have dove in. . . clothes, hat, suspenders, and all—save the shoes! :)

It was soooo hot and humid today, just one of those such days! I ended up going tubing down the local river with a bunch of work friends before we all had to clock in, and no one was put off by my shirt, shorts and kerchief, though I was considerably covered up by their standards. Good fun, and nice and cooling.

I really like the Wholesomewear extended one as well. That look pretty much like what I'd been looking for. Do they wear well, Isabel? I've always try to handwash when it comes to bathing suits and the like so they last longer, but even then they wear thin after too long. Nice find on the article, Paula, and thank you! Looks like I'll be saving up my pennies for next year.

I have to say, I love the equi-skirt idea!!!

I've bought from Modestly Yours Swimwear (Tropical Sands style with extended sleeves and length).  You can specify all the measurements -- sleeve length, skirt length, inseam, etc. -- plus whether you want a tight or looser fit.  They are easy to swim in, dry fast and are comfortable to be active in.  I've gone swimming in pools and the sea/ocean, snorkeling, etc., and been quite happy with the suit.

I clip a bandanna on for a covering.


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