The award-winning Rainbow Six franchise returns, with Quakers.

Summary: It's 2010. When war breaks out in South America, an elite team recruited from the Religious Society of Friends finds themselves headed for a non-violent confrontation with the enemy, in accordance with their conscientious objector status.

Intense Gameplay You control the Rainbow Six: Quakers team through numerous scenarios like Seek & Leave, Intense Negotiation and Boisterous Gathering.

Linear & Non-Linear Play Follow the inaction-packed storyline or do your own thing. A vast gameplay environment lets you find adventure tending beets or exchanging pleasantries with strangers.

Modern Arsenal Command a squad of Quakers equipped with state-of-the-art military weaponry they refuse to use, including the SAW Machine Gun, AR215 Death Hammer and Sticky Grenades.

Multiplayer Discussion Rainbow Six: Quakers features online multi-player that lets you and the opposing team talk it out in a variety of highly-detailed maps like Village Café, Modern Boardroom and Comfy Mattress.

Realistic Sounds Dolby Surround Sound will make you feel like you're off the battlefield and in a mass of shrubs.




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OK, this is brilliant.  Utterly brilliant.

Thank you, Aaron!    I love this.  I will buy any similar Quaker game for the wii :-)   

Hey -- maybe that's what I already have in my "Wii Fit Plus" though -- you go jogging around a serene island in the Pacific Northwest with friends waving at you all the time, elderly joggers leaving you in their dust, animals jogging with you, etc, etc...   just add George Fox instead of the talking scale, and have the boxing activity replaced with some sort of  silent clapping repetition.  Every once in a while GF can say "You're shaky...I think your abs need work, but what doest thou say?"       

Thanks again -- I love your game and I want one.

Seriously though, the controller needs a 'stand aside' button.

Brilliant. Thank you Aaron.

Does the controller have a "help people who have just fallen over laughing after reading the description of the game"-button?

Shouldn't there be an option somewhere that says "appease the junta by showing them how to make Tottenham Cake with original mulberry icing" or "confuse and tie up  evil junta think tank by asking them exactly how plainly Quakers should dress"? :-)

THANK YOU, this game just made my (grey, rainy, wintry, just-burnt-a-dozen-Christmas-cookies) day!


...and there needs to be a yoga option, different levels of fitness of course ("creaky but still functional - slightly enthusiastic -  meditation maniac").

Even the thugs in Grand Theft Auto do yoga, and it does much for your Inner Light.

Choose thy response:

  A. "Thank thee, friend!"

  B. "Hast thou veggie-burgers? "

  C. "Alas, I can not eat today. I may not recognize any day as more sacred or holy than any other day the Lord provideth, and thus I dare not celebrate specially what is called Lent, or Christ's Mass. However, this year, Navatri and Ramadan do occur in the very same month, therefore I fast doubly to cover them both. "

Inaction-packed?  Nooo, nonviolent-direct-action-packed! But the majority of gameplay is in NNS mode. (Nostalgic Narcissistic Storytelling)

Whereupon, if you answer C, the following screen comes up:


Due to the continued fainting fits and bad humor associated with extreme dieting, you have to leave the faithful team of non-violent negotiators and go home.

I LOVE this game.

"I LOVE this game."

I KNOW -- you're so right, Susann.   Someone needs to actually make this.  The more we flesh it out, the easier it will be, right?   Aaron?       Quakers would buy it, isn't that enough of a market?  (okay maybe not from Nintendo, Play Station, or other giants)    video games by...


Well, Quakers would buy it if it was made out of hemp, by consensus, in unity....after laying it over for a month or two for seasoning.   You know:   I think we've got all but the hemp part happening, so this might just work.    I really believe this is trying to become something.   I wish we would make it!  I wanted this in April of 2012 (my note above) and I still want one.  


You know, Olivia, we could do "Quakers- The Board Game", and use little hemp pawns (as well as recycled cardboard).

This idea has also been churning around in my brain, surfacing in the most awkward moments (like during meetings at my job, when everybody drones on and on about regulations and should we buy apple computers and I zone out, wondering if the game environment should have a "write an article for your local Friends newsletter" function and how to thwart the evil junta's plans a by making them read facsimile letters of  George Fox's.) 

I just read "A Song of Ice and Fire" AKA "Game of Thrones", all 7,000 pages of it.

Inspired by the video game, I pondered the idea whether Game of Thrones could be quakerified...it would be about four pages long, I suppose.

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