Should we be involved in #OWS protests? If so, how? And what is our relationship to the protesters and to our monthly and yearly meetings?

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 The other day our youngest son Eric and I ( took him out of high school for a day-he wanted to visit the WTC Memorial site in NYC)-we live aprox 70 miles east of Manhattan. On the way there we passed Zuccotti park-  the Occupy Wall Street site and Eric wanted to visit. I have to say that I was impressed.The young folks there are from all backgrounds-living together peacefully in an organized way- and they really GET it ragarding social change for the better. For the first time in years, after speaking with several of them I feel that social change CAN happen. What I think our country needs most of all right now- is what happened in oakland CA the other day-organized by the Occupy Movement-a general strike. 100% non violent-EVERYONE stay home from work for 1 week. Normally, in any country the poor people and ordinary workers are too divided to do this and probably the same will be true here.

   Still, if you had a 1 week general strike, or if the police and or military refused to obey orders for one week- our political leaders, whose ears are often closed to public opinion as they are filled with corporate $ would see who has power and who does not. Rich from Long island


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