I am interested in finding people here who like or own cats.

We have found few cat lovers these days and were wondering if any Friends here are cat lovers. If so I would be interested in being Friends with thee.

We are avid cat lovers and find cats very close companions and friends. They are very clever too.

Waiting to hear from thee.


Peace to thee.

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I have four cats Marian ~ so I guess that makes me a cat lover!

Susan and I live with two much loved cats, Griffin & Tifa (uncle and niece!) here in Swanage, in the UK.

"...that as by his breath the flame of life was kindled in all animal and sensitive creatures, to say we love God ... and at the same time exercise cruelty toward the least creature ... was a contradiction in itself."  (John Woolman, 1772)

Peace & all blessings


Here in the UK we are generally quite keen on cats, there are unfortunately, some horrid people who abuse these beautiful animals, but they are a very popular pet especially for people who work outside of the home. When I first moved South as a 10 year old, I was given a kitten and in the absence of siblings she became one of my best friends.

As you say they are very clever, I used to play hide and seek with mine, she lived until she was 18.

I now have a dog, a soppy border collie who the family adores. The little black cats who live next door love to tease her by sitting on the fence and looking down at her as if to say 'ha ha you can't reach me'

There has not been a day in my life, that cats weren't part of my life. At the moment I have two kittens (8 months), Patch and Kegan, they are brothers. They have been with us from the beginning of the year. Sadly we had to bury our two old cats (15 and 17 years) within the last two months.

I live in the Netherlands and lots of people have cats here. There are about 3.5 million cats and we have 16.5 million people.

Hi Marian,

I live with 3 cats.

The ancient one, Josefina is almost 18 years old. We brought her back to the US from Monteverde, Costa Rica. The others are a Pixie Bob named Tyrie and Maggie the Maine Coon.


We love cats! I wish we could have a dog, but we agreed long ago that with both of us working during the day and living in a city apartment with no yard that it wasn't fair to a dog to live in those conditions. It's now almost 25 years later, and we are both retired, but are still in an apartment, and I'd be the one to have to walk it, in all weathers, and I dislike having to go out late at night and when it is Arcticly cold, as it was last week (asthma and very sensitive feet and hands due to frostbite twice as child). And my favorite dog breeds are Borders and Corgis, both of whom need plenty of exercise!

Over the years, we've had two, sometimes three, cats at a time. I started it; I had a big red tabby male, StarFreedom Tailkinker, when we got married, and we added on a black kitten, Pastor (one white patch like a clerical tab) who unfortunately belied his name. He only had two bad qualities--he just HAD to bat at anything not nailed down, trying to my husband, who's handicapped and has stunted arms, and tipping over any cup, glass or mug to see if it contained anything--as it too often did. The last straw came a couple of days before Christmas. I had just put our tree up the night before. John was recovering from a hip operation, so was  temporarily in a motorized wheelchair (we'd already had an incident with Pastor tweaking out the plug to recharge one of the two batteries overnight). Later John said he doubted I'd even gotten to the bus stop a block away that morning, before Pastor scampered to the top of the tree, which toppled over. All day John was trying to maneuver around it. Only one ornament was broken. I put it up again, sprinkling red pepper flakes on the boughs to keep  him away. Worked fine, until I took it down after New Year's, when I sneezed my head off. John laughed like a loon.

Pastor moved to a home where he could terrorize a tortie named Muffin...and we acquired Finn McCool, another misnomer; he gave new meaning to the term "scaredy-cat!" All our cats have been indoor ones, because when I got Star, a former street cat, I kept finding headless ones in the alley! Even when we moved, as we have several times, they were indoor cats, because after having Star for over 6 years, we discovered he'd been infected with feline AIDS before I got him, and that at the time, it was an epidemic in most American cities.

Finnie was so griefstricken when Star died that he underwent a complete personality change! From not wanting to be touched, he became a very affectionate lapsitter, grew almost as big as Star had been, and was delighted when we got him his own cat/companion, a Maine Coon female, Bride (pronounced "breed"). That was yet another misnomer, because she was nowhere near as saintly as her Scottish variant name for St. Bridget! I'm convinced that she instigated a lot of the mischief Finnie got into....She was definitely the Queen B, very regal. Next came a Scottish Fold, Rob Roy, an adorable little red tabby male who was one of my favorites. I gave him insulin twice a day for two years....and then there was another Scottish Fold, Periwinkle, a male silver tabby. But his background color wasn't the usual white, but coal-black, so in the shadows all you saw was the silver swirls and two gleaming golden eyes, earning him the nicknames of Highland Slinker, Ghost Cat and Shadow Cat. Alas, he had a kidney problem....

Right now, there are two felines inhabiting our home: Lucy Feathertail, a  dainty little Norwegian Forest female who is black/brown/grey/white, and follows me around, so grateful that I rescued her from a nearby shelter. The other is Ruaridh [Rory] MacStorm, because he arrived during a blizzard, another big red tabby tom, older than Lucy and usually very dignified. John can't figure out how he manages to stay so muscular when he spends all his time (except for about 15 minutes a day playing with Lucy) lying on the bed or couch.

We are planning to get a kitten, but not until after we renovate our kitchen this spring. The less stress on the poor thing the better! ALL our cats are spayed/neutered. So many, like so many dogs, are euthanized....It is heartbreaking to lose a cat, but very satisfiying to save one by adopting it. Is there anything as comforting on a cold night as a purring kitty in your arms or lap?


Yes, cats and most all animals. I have 5 indoor/outdoor cats...Max, Darcy, Rugen, Reno and Fluffles. Max and Darcy are brothers and the other three are brothers. They were orphans we raised from 2 weeks old. There are three barn cats that were here when we moved here and we named them Hans, Deitrich and Gretchen. Deitrich has never become tame but the other two are very friendly now. We feed them and take care of them but they are strictly barn cats. I've had cats as long as I can remember. 

We have 5 dogs, 14 chickens, 2 horses and 1 milk cow heifer also. We love the simple rural life.

I have 5 cats, no kids, and regularly volunteer at a feline rescue where more than 50 cats live. I guess you could say I'm a cat lover. ;)

In fact, I recently posted on my spiritual blog about volunteering at the rescue: "My Center"

I had noticed on my internet travels that many Friends seem to have cats! Add me to the list, I have three darlings who chose to live with me and one golden retriever. I'm dotty over them all! 

Dear Friends,


Sorry I did not reply earlier, I have not been on QQ for such a long time but decided I would return today!

So don't take it personally!! I just thought before I would reply to each of you I would explain why you haven't seen me reply to you as of yet.


Blessings on thy day!


Love and Light through Jesus Christ,



I appreciate thee sharing this! It is always good to hear from others that have and enjoy cats as those type of people are hard to find where we live.


Peace and blessings to thee,


Thy Friend in Christ,


Ray Lovegrove said:

I have four cats Marian ~ so I guess that makes me a cat lover!

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